Welcome to the site of the Dutch School of Violin Making

Over the past years teaching has unquestionably become my main occupation, and a steadily growing number of students, well over 50 by now, seem to enjoy it. After my move to Makkum I have a nice and roomy workshop at my disposal, specially fitted to enable up to 10 students to work comfortably. The building itself very appropriately started life as a small village school of two classrooms. So I deemed this the right moment to give the whole undertaking a proper name, and a website of its own.


The website will be under construction for, I guess, considerable time. The core of its contents at the moment are my thoughts on classical Italian violin making as I have developed them over the years. That may look slightly theoretical, but this approach has a profound practical impact on my teaching, and makes clear at the same time how and why it differs from other schools of teaching.

"The Dutch School of Violin Making", "Italian Violin Making in short" and "Italian Violin Making in Practice" together give a short presentation of the methodology behind the teaching.

"Origin and methods of the DSVM" and the three articles titled "The last secret of Stradivari" make for extended reading. Among other things on how classical Cremonese violin making has got turned into a secret, as well as to the ancestry and development of modern violin making. In the third article I try to offer a way to reveal the secret in a scientific as well as a practical way.

"Shrine to the cutting edge"

Margo Konings and Dirk Jacob Hamoen

Makkum 2017